Teacher of the Year Nominations

  •  BCSD Teacher of the Year Nominations for Kern County Teacher of the Year

    The Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office is pleased to share information regarding the  Kern County Teacher of the Year program. This program is designed to highlight educational innovation, student learning, and the rewards of teaching. Each district is encouraged to hold its own district-wide selection process and forward nominations to the county office. 

    This program serves to:
    • Highlight the impact of teachers in our community and society.
    • Spotlight local excellence in education.
    • Provide each district the opportunity to recognize, honor and celebrate selected individuals who demonstrate the qualities and characteristics of an exemplary teacher.
    • Provide eligible district nominees the opportunity to submit an application and be recognized as the Kern County Teacher of the Year.
    • Provide the Kern County Teacher of the Year finalists the opportunity to represent Kern County in the California Teacher of the Year event.

    Kern County Teachers of the Year: All district Teacher of the Year nominees who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to complete the competitive application process to be designated as Kern County Teacher of the Year.
    In order to be eligible to apply, applicants must have:
    • completed eight or more years of teaching at the time of the application
    • be employed full time, with teaching as the primary responsibility, and
    • demonstrate leadership and innovation in and outside of the classroom that embody lifelong learning.
    Bakersfield City School District will select five nominees to compete in the Kern County Teacher of the Year competition.
    BCSD Nominees:
    • Will receive county application details via email from KCSOS.
    • Are responsible to submit county applications and essays to the KCSOS office by Tuesday, April 2, 2024 by 4:00 pm.

     To submit a BCSD nomination, complete the form below and email to shannond@bcsd.com by Friday, January 27, 2024 by 4:00 pm.

    Site Principals will review all applications received for endorsement.

    BCSD Nomination Form:2023-2024 BCSD Teacher of the Year Nominee Form

    Congratulations to the BCSD Kern County Superintendent County Teachers of the Year!


    • 8th grade History teacher Hannah Rahberger from Cato Middle School.


    • 1st grade teacher Jolie Brouttier from Downtown Elementary &
    • Physical Education teacher Richard Ribaudo from Sierra Middle School