Food Guidelines for LCFF Funds

      • FOOD requisitions must include:

        • Date of Event / Topic of Event
        • How the expenditures increase services for Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students, English Learners, and/or Foster Youth
        • Duration – start/end time of the event (all day or specific hours)
        • Description of food purchase (i.e. granola bar and drink; muffins, juice, and coffee)
        • Expected # of attendees (i.e. 50 teachers; 25 parents; 30 students)
        • The estimated cost of food per person (Tax & Delivery included)
        • LCFF only 
        • Attach PD agenda to Smarte requisition

        Unallowable Funding Sources for Food Purchases

        • Title I 3010 & 3150
        • Restricted Attendance Incentive funds 0040
        • Flexible Attendance fund 0041 not allowed for food “incentives”


      Food Purchases

      Food Purchases

      Rewards and Incentives Guidelines for LCFF Funds

        • Expenditures for incentives should be of reasonable proportion to overall SPSA expenditures
        • Not to exceed 2.5% of LCFF allocation
        • Expenditures for incentives must align to SPSA goals
        • Rewards and incentives should be of *NOMINAL VALUE (less than $3.00 per item) and have no cash value.
        • Gift cards and money are NOT allowable incentives
        • It is important to keep records documenting the decision making process

      Rewards/Incentives Table