Program Services

  • Migrant Education School Readiness Program (MESRP)
    The Migrant Education School Readiness Program (MESRP) serves pre-k migrant students at Mt. Vernon Elementary.  The program utilizes the California Preschool Learning Foundations to create a nurturing environment where participating students can learn to become thriving students.  In addition to providing literacy support in both students' primary language and English, the program offers a rigorous Social Emotional Learning experience. 

    The POW Academy for students in TK-8 Grade
    The Program of Overall Wellness, also known as the POW Academy, is hosted throughout the year at BCSD and gives students access to high-quality social, emotional, and/or academic instruction during multi-day school breaks. This academy utilizes content in the overall wellness areas of fitness, nutrition, organic & environmental systems, character development, sportsmanship, community service, and social studies to drive skill development in core areas as well as build confidence in peer interactions and language use. 

    Saturday Academies for students in TK-8 Grade
    Saturday academies are aligned with BCSD instructional cycles where students receive high-quality customized instruction differentiated to support their individual social, emotional, and academic growth targets in ELA and Math. Speech and Debate classes provide opportunities for students to prepare, practice, and participate in district, local, state, and national competitions.  Other opportunities also include STEM, STEAM, Project Based Learning, sports, and Visual and Performing Arts elements. Academies take place on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm, and they offer a variety of culture and self-pride workshops for students, parents, and staff. 

    Extended Learning Instruction
    Students can participate in extended learning instruction two to three days weekly and focus on English, Language Arts, Math, ELD, Social Emotional Learning, Culture Awareness, and Self-Pride lessons.  Instruction is differentiated to meet the specific needs of participating students as well as is delivered by collaborating team members responsible for core instruction. Participating students can build their home and digital libraries to continue developing their literacy skills. 

    Cultural Awareness and Self-Pride Workshops
    Throughout the year, the program provides a variety of multicultural opportunities for family and staff engagement. Some of the topics include:

    • Mariachi and Folklorico Dance Presentations
    • History of the Mariachi
    • Día de Los Muertos Unit of Study
    • Literacy Development and Appreciation by Children's Author 
    • Culture Awareness in Regard to Parenting Styles

    Social Emotional Learning Workshops
    The program supports our families and staff with several ongoing workshop series addressing social and emotional needs, including a Parent and Student Leadership Academy.

    • Family Relationships and Good Mental Health Series
    • Developmental Stages and Family Emotional Support
    • Fostering a Growth Mindset and Strategies to Overcome Difficult Times and Reach Success

    Understanding the US School System Parent Workshops
    Parent workshops designed to understand the US School System are provided throughout the year and may cover the following topics:

    • The U.S. School System
    • Parent Engagement: Evidence-Based Strategies
    • Never too Early to Plan for Your Child’s High School Diploma
    • Understanding Career Technical Education
    • Learning Educational Vocabulary
    • Pathway to University
    • Overall Wellness: Mental Health, Nutrition, Healthy Habits
    • Communication & Leadership

    Literacy and Math Nights
    Students and their families can attend Literacy and Math Nights to learn strategies designed to better understand the K-8th ELA and Math common core standards progression.  Participants receive books and materials to add to their home libraries.  Pre-K students also have their own Literacy and Math workshops focusing on an array of early childhood development activities for parents to continue providing home support.

    Site-Based Summer Programs
    Every Summer, the Migrant Education Department provides the opportunity for students to participate in the 21st Century Summer Academy, which allows opportunities for Project Based Learning (PBL) with a focus on developing communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking in an environment which is culturally and linguistically responsive to student needs.   As part of the academy, students continue to refine their reading, writing, math, and STEAM skills.  In addition to this opportunity, a select group of students participates in the Program of Overall Wellness focusing on overall academic and physical health and fitness at CSU Bakersfield.

    Residential-Based Summer Programs
    Students can participate in residential programs throughout the summer months.  These programs include an opportunity for incoming 8th grade students to participate in the Migrant Institute for Education and  Leadership at Fresno State University and the Applied Mathematics Academy at University of California at Santa Barbara.