Aeries Additional Help

  • If you need further support please utilize the contacts below: 
    Gradebook & Report Card:
    Tina Mendez (ext. 14750) & Brittany Bishop (ext. 14903) (C&I)
    Discipline and Assertive Discipline:
    Dianna Dix (ext. 14639) & Melissa Hoyt (ext. 14633) (Student Services) and Tim Fulenwider (ext. 14872) (ext. (ISSD)
    Intervention Tabs:
    MTSS Coaches, Liz Gonzalez (ext. 14665), and Tim Fulenwider (ISSD)
    Attendance Lettering:
    Raquel Gonzalez (ext. 42660) & Jesse Beed (ext. 11105) (Rafer Johnson)
    Programmatic Flagging:
    IT (ext. 89715) (IT) and Tim Fulenwider (ISSD)