Educare Program

  • To address the needs of our children and parents in our community, the Bakersfield City School District provides an EduCare program at the Downtown School for students in grades K-8 at the school. This self-supporting program offers a safe, healthy environment for students. The before and after-school program staff are committed to providing quality care and excellent supervision for all children enrolled in the program.

    EduCare activities designed to enrich the academic experience of our students are provided daily. The Kindercare program supports the social and academic teachings of the Kindergarten classes. EduCare provides nine activity leaders to instruct students in fine art, performing art, STEM, and physical education. First-period homework is available to all after-school students. During this time, an Activity Leader will assist with homework assignments. However, homework is the direct responsibility of the student and their parents. Imbedded in the afternoon are opportunities for organized games, free play, and outdoor activities. A nutritious snack is provided daily for all participants.

    Here's a Brief Summary of what EduCare has to offer: 

    • Art: This class is designed to introduce students to the world of art. Our instructor teaches using many different mediums, from crayons to oil pastels. This class does it all! Students also participate in district and countywide art shows. What a great class to practice your talents or learn a new medium.
    • Computers: This class is designed to give each student a chance to learn the basic use of computers in a school setting. Students will also get a chance to do some hands-on learning in science, technology, and engineering. We love project-based learning and STEM opportunities.
    • Drama: This class offers a chance for any student to bust out of their shell. Drama is designed to give students a basic grasp of acting techniques. Students in this class will also be involved with school performances held at the BCSD Education Center in the Auditorium.
    • Kindercare: Kindergarten is the building block for learning the skills to develop in later grades. Both Kindercare teachers work side by side with the Kindergarten teachers to develop a program that enhances the teachings of the morning staff.
    • Physical Education: Physical Education is crucial to each of our students. We have two instructors – one for grades K-3 and one for grades 4-8. Both instructors include lessons to teach loco-motor skills, basic health, and sports education. You will get your workout here too!
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