Playground Rules

  • ‘Playgrounds should be rich environments where children can stretch their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual skills’
    – Hudson, Thompson & Mack

    1. Get a drink and use the bathroom before you start playing.
    2. Walk to the white line when leaving classroom, and when the Bell rings, walk after reaching the yellow line.
    3. Line up for a turn on swings at concrete border. Do not play in or throw wood chips. Absolutely, no swinging high, jumping out of swing or laying back in swing.
    4. Slide down slide on bottom only, never on stomach.
    5. Climb up play structure ladders not up slides.
    6. Walk around play structure, not under it.
    7. Run with friends in grassy areas (not underneath equipment), but do not play tag.
    8. Play with soccer balls inside track grass area, not by swings and play structure.
    9. Line up quickly and quietly as soon as the bell rings.
    10. On basketball courts, play with 1 or 2 balls per hoop, but don’t play knockout.
    11. Play with jump ropes out by track area.
    12. No drinks or bathroom after the bell rings.
    13. No footballs on the yard, unless during P.E. time or supervised by a teacher.
    14. Paper airplanes are not allowed on the playground.
    15. Students are expected to obey the Cafeteria Playground Supervisors (CPS) immediately and politely. If they fail to do so, they may be 1) warned; 2) given time; or 3) given a referral.