School Uniform Policy


    Dear Parents,

    Thank you for your ongoing support to ensure your child is appropriately dressed for school.

    There are 33 BCSD schools with a mandatory school uniform policy. Although each school has specific uniform colors, white shirts and navy or khaki pants, jumpers, skirts, skorts (culottes) or shorts are standard
    colors across the District.

    Franklin School is a MANDATORY UNIFORM SCHOOL.

    • Blouses, shirts, or polo shirts with collars – white, navy, red
    • Pants, skorts, skirts, or jumpers – navy or khaki
    • Sweatshirts or sweaters – navy or red
    • Shoes – closed-toe and heel
    • Caps may be worn to school for sun protection.
    • Knit beanies may be worn during cold weather.
    • No logos or pictures on clothing (other than the school’s logo).
    • No torn clothing. Clothing must be neat and clean.
    • No baggy clothing. Clothing must not be more than one size too large or one size too small.
    • ALL CLOTHING MUST BE IN SOLID COLORS except where the school logo or school plaid is specified.
    • Students will be allowed to wear their schoolís team shirts, school T-shirts, scout and campfire uniforms, etc.
    • Bare midriffs are not acceptable.

    If you need assistance with uniforms, please call the school at 631-5270.

    Thank you for your help.

    Ms. Tafoya