About Harding


    Welcome to Harding Elementary School


    Our Mission

    Our mission at Harding School is based on the assumption that all children can learn. On that basis, we provide quality instructional programs which offer each child the opportunity to achieve academically to his or her highest potential. In addition, success-oriented activities motivate students toward highly positive self-esteem, thus creating the foundation for successful, independent, and productive individuals who have respect for others and for the world in which they live.

    Academic Goal: Students will learn those necessary to achieve their potential and to lead product and enrich lives.

    Social Goal: Students will develop self-esteem and respect for the rights of others, and the world in which we live.

    Individual Goal: Students will have opportunities to learn and to develop individual interests.


    School Vision:

    • Increase parental/community support and involvement.
    • Provide staff development to ensure an enthusiastic, competent, child-centered professional team.
    • Increase positive self-esteem to reduce discipline problems and maintain a safe learning environment.
    • Recognize, understand and appreciate cultural diversities of staff, students, and community.
    • Achieve academic success through a rigorous and innovative instructional program.


  • Harding Elementary first opened its doors in 1959. It is named after Ruth Clarke Harding, a career educator, who taught at the old Hawthorne School from 1920-1933. She then took on the role of Principal at Roosevelt Elementary where she remained until 1956. Harding Elementary is dedicated to applying the same commitment and dedication as Ruth in the day-to-day instruction and mentoring of each and every student.