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  • Welcome to the Bakersfield City School District!  It is an immense privilege to have the opportunity to lead our district forward into the future.  As a product of BCSD and a child growing up in East Bakersfield, nothing was more important to me than the teachers at my school sites. I understand the value that every employee in this district has in the lives and futures of our children. Let us commit to working together to ensure that every child in our district has every opportunity to succeed here at BCSD.

    As Superintendent, I look forward to partnering with our parents, guardians, staff, and key stakeholders as we move our District forward and focus on achievement for all students through equity and innovation.  Our parents and guardians are our most important partners in our student's educational success.  I appreciate each and every stakeholder for the role they play in the growth and development of our students.   We are driven to provide a safe and engaging environment for our students and with your help, we know our students and staff will truly thrive.  It is a privilege to have the opportunity to welcome students back to campus this school year and I am excited to provide quality in-person instruction and services once again.

    School safety is our priority. A student who feels safe is ready to learn.  We ask that you join us in promoting safety at school and at home. We also believe that healthier students are better able to learn and ask that you join us in supporting the health and well-being of all our students. 

    We have high expectations for all students and we look forward to providing academic excellence for all students, through equity and innovation!


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