English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)


    The goals and objectives of ELAC are to provide advice, assistance, and advisory recommendations to the Mt. Vernon Elementary administration for the continuing improvement of the general education of English Language Learners. It is our goal to empower the lives of all English Language Learner children and families by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to advocate for a high-quality educational experience for our children.  Meetings will take place in the Parent Center at Mt. Vernon Elementary. Please join us!​

    Meetings are held in Room 1 at 8:30AM.

    Please call our FACE, Cecilia Trujillo (661)631-3132 for more information.

    1st Meeting - October 4, 2023

    2nd Meeting - December 6, 2023

    3rd Meeting - February 7, 2024

    4th Meeting - April 10, 2024