Student Handbook


    We are known as the CHARGERS and our school. Our colors are red, white & blue. Be PROUD of being a Chipman Junior High School Charger. Show pride by respecting the school and following school rules. With your help, we can continue to be a great school. The primary goal at Chipman is to provide the best possible learning experience for every student. Please remember that you’re here to learn and our teaching staff is here to help you. Do the best that you can and ask for help when you need it. Enjoy the clubs and special activities offered by the school. Together we can ensure another successful year for students at Chipman Junior High School.


    During the first week of school, you will receive a postcard in the U.S. Mail giving the room number you should report to on the first day of school. This room will be your “ADVISORY” for the year. Students from all of our “feeder” elementary schools will make up this group. All students will receive their daily class schedules during their advisory period on the first day of school. This period will be longer than usual so that schedules can be reviewed and questions answered. Each student will have one of the three schedules illustrated on the following page. You will have one of the three types of schedules, depending on the music classes you take. Your classes will be adapted to best fit your learning needs. In this handbook for students and parents, we have tried to discuss some of the most frequently asked questions. If you find, after looking this handbook over, that you have other questions, please feel free to call the school office. We want your two years at Chipman to be not only good ones for your academic growth but also good ones for you socially. You will find many people here who will be willing to help you if problems arise. Your teachers, of course, will always be here.


    A typical schedule: Social Science, Math, Science, Reading, English, Physical Education, Elective (Home Economics, Music).

    1. REGULAR SCHEDULE OF CLASSES (Subject to change.)

    Advisory / 1st Period 7:40 – 8:38 (58 minutes) 2nd Period 8:41 – 9:32 (51 minutes) RECESS 9:32 – 9:40 (8 minutes) 3rd Period 9:43 – 10:34 (51 minutes) 4th Period 10:37 – 11:28 (51 minutes) Lunch 11:28 – 12:12 (44 minutes) 5th Period 12:15 – 1:06 (51 minutes) 6th Period 1:09 – 2:00 (51 minutes)

    All Bakersfield City Schools will be in operation at their regularly scheduled starting time during the fog season. Delays of school bus services will continue when conditions of low visibility occur. Students who ride school buses can expect two-hour delays in the operation of buses when foggy weather conditions exist. REGARDLESS OF WHAT ACTION OTHER KERN COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICTS TAKE IN RESPONSE TO FOGGY WEATHER CONDITIONS, THE DELAY ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR THE BAKERSFIELD CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT APPLY ONLY TO THE MORNING PICK-UP TIME OF STUDENTS WHO RIDE DISTRICT BUSES. SCHOOLS WILL OPEN FOR OPERATION AT THEIR REGULAR STARTING TIMES.


    All students are assigned to a teacher who will act as an advisor. Students report to their Advisory each morning for attendance and announcements. The Advisory also represents a section of government within the school. It is the place where decisions on school problems can be reached, opinions can be voiced, Student Council matters discussed, school spirit promoted, advice and guidance may be secured, and important school information is obtained.


    Every day this bulletin will be read to you during Advisory. Each teacher receives a copy of it. It contains information about club meetings, sports practices after school, special events, and anything else students should know or be reminded about. It is your responsibility to know what is in the Daily Wire.


    We at Chipman are always trying to upgrade our students’ education. We feel that if a student is prepared when he/she enters the classroom their chance of success is greatly improved. Every student at Chipman will be required to carry a hardcover three ring binder (no Peechee Folders) paper, pencils, pen and pencil pouch. The binder should include dividers for each of their subject areas.


    It is our desire to make textbooks available to students for use throughout the entire school year, or on a day-to-day basis for homework assignments. Since textbooks represent a considerable investment of tax dollars, parents will be asked to sign a textbook loan agreement that will show the price for books that are assigned for their child’s use. In the event that the books are not returned, parents will be expected to pay the replacement price. Students will also be expected to pay for defaced or damaged books. WE WILL BE UNABLE TO RELEASE REPORT CARDS UNTIL ALL DEBTS ARE CLEARED.


    Students can expect more homework in junior high school than they had in elementary school. You will be expected to make arrangements with your teachers to come in before or after school to make up assignments after absences or to seek extra help and explanations when you need it. It is suggested that you set aside at least ONE HOUR each evening for uninterrupted study.


    Report cards will be sent home at the end of each trimester (3 times during the year). Trimester mid-term grades will be given to each student in the form of a Student Progress Report. These forms are identical to the regular report card. Two copies are provided. Students sign both copies. One copy is sent home with the student to be returned to the advisory teacher after the parent has signed the report card. Upon the return of the signed parent copy, the student copy will be issued. Parent-teacher conferences may be scheduled in order to set up a program of help for the student. Report cards will be held for outstanding debts, lost or overdue library books, textbooks, and damaged books. Parents should not live by the old adage: “No news is good news.” They are encouraged to make inquiries at any time and are always welcome on campus. Please check into the office first.

    1. AWARDS

    Awards and school letters are presented at the end of each year to students who have earned recognition. Recognition is given for outstanding achievement, service, sports, and arts. Eighth-grade students will be screened each year to determine the winners of awards given by various organizations in our community. There are also other awards presented to the outstanding students in both 7th and 8th grades in the different subject areas. A Student of the Month Program and Monthly Perfect Attendance Awards Assembly will recognize deserving students who make positive contributions.


    Band/Orchestra, Extended Day Program, Chorus, School Site Council/School Advisory, After School Tutoring (as assigned), Committees, Cal State Achievers Club, After School Athletics, Oral Language Festival, Noon Athletic Leagues, Speech Contests, Student Council Essay Contests, Club Live, Science Fair, Community Service Projects, Math Counts Team, Spelling Bee, Chipman Service, Student Study Groups, Library Helpers Club, Drama Class, School Newspaper, History Day. All students are encouraged to get involved with one or more clubs or extra activities. This is part of a well-rounded education for middle-level students. Meetings and try-outs are always announced in the Daily Wire. After School Activities-Students must make prior arrangements with their parents if they plan to stay after school and take part in an activity or club. NO STUDENT MAY RETURN TO CAMPUS AFTER SCHOOL HOURS. ONCE YOU LEAVE YOU MAY NOT RETURN TO TAKE PART IN AN AFTER-SCHOOL CLUB OR ACTIVITY. THIS INCLUDES GAMES VS. OTHER SCHOOLS. (Students with a 3.0 or above will be admitted back on campus to support teams).


    Student government is an important phase of school life. All students are members of the student body organization. Our student government is guided by the Student Council. It consists of your elected officers and elected representatives from each of the advisories. This body governs the student organization and plans most of the Student Body activities with the approval of the Principal.


    The library has over 15, 000 books for student, teacher, and parent use. There are computers with CD-ROMs available for student use. The library has an electronic card catalog which allows students to access Library Media Center’s materials using computers. Students are able to search by author, title, and subject, and keywords. They may search in English or Spanish. The library is open during all class periods and after school most days. Students may come to the library from class with a library pass signed by their teachers or with their class and teacher. All students will receive a Chipman School Library Card during the first few weeks of school. The library uses student workers. These workers receive a report card grade at the end of each trimester. Library workers are chosen by the library media teacher during the first two weeks of school. Students applying to be library workers must fill out an application signed by a parent the first week of the school year. They are given a test on alphabetizing and putting decimal numbers in order. Their past attendance record, teacher recommendations, grades, and present schedule are considered.


    Physical Education is a required class just as mathematics and English are required. Gym clothes are not required, but suitable clothing (including shoes) is needed for participation. Athletic shoes are required for running and other physical activities. Students not appropriately dressed for P.E. will be assigned other activities which may include walking the track or written assignments. . P.E. excuses need to be taken care of before school. Parents may request their students not participate in P.E. for one to three days due to illness or injury. A doctor’s note is required for periods beyond three days.


    All students have the opportunity to try out for and participate in our after-school athletics program. FALL – Flag Football (Boys) and Volleyball (Girls) FALL – Cross Country (Boys & Girls) WINTER – Basketball (Boys & Girls Teams) WINTER – Soccer (Boys & Girls Co-Ed Team) EARLY SPRING – Track (Boys & Girls Teams) SPRING – Softball (Boys & Girls Teams) In order to qualify to be on our teams, a student must have at least a “C” average (2.0-grade point average) and no “F’s” in conduct. These teams play in a league against the other nine junior highs and middle schools in the Bakersfield City School District. Bus transportation is provided following practice each day for students who participate in our after-school programs and ride the bus to school. Team members only are transported via school bus to games taking place on other campuses. Students and parents are welcome to watch games with other schools. The game time is 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. The after-school sports program is a competitive league. Teams may also participate in designated tournaments. STUDENTS WISHING TO STAY AFTER SCHOOL TO WATCH A GAME MUST HAVE A 3.0 GPA AND MAKE TRANSPORTATIONS ARRANGEMENTS WITH THEIR PARENTS BEFORE THE DAY OF THE GAME.


    For your convenience, we have a 24-hour message phone to report your student’s absence. The telephone number is 871-8211. Please report the following information: Your Name Your child’s name and advisory Your telephone number Reason for the absence, and if possible, how long. If your child will be out of school for 5-20 days for travel or illness, then please call the office before the absence to arrange for a ìShort-term Independent Studyî packet. If the homework packet is completed, then the absences will not be counted.


    At Chipman, we believe that every student has the right to learn, every teacher has the right to teach, and we all have the responsibility to respect this. Good student discipline requires awards and reinforcement for appropriate behavior just as it requires consequences for inappropriate behavior. Our purpose is to maintain a warm positive school climate in which we celebrate student successes in learning. Therefore, all students will… 1. Show courtesy and respect for others. 2. Not disrupt the learning process. 3. Show respect for property. 4. Be on time, ready to work, and stay on task until finished. 5. Use safe conduct at all times. 6. Refrain from consumption of unauthorized food or drink in class. 7. Not chew gum on campus at any time. 8. Adhere to the District and school dress code.


    Tardiness at any time will not be condoned. Pupils should be in the classrooms, in their seats, and prepared for work at the time the tardy bell rings. “Prepared” means that you have materials necessary for class, i.e., paper, pencil, and 3-ring binder. One-minute tardies to school are subject to after-school detention. Students who are tardy more than three times to any class will be referred to noon detention. The only excused tardies are to the doctor, dentist, or funerals.


    Noon Detention – can be suggested by the teacher and assigned by office staff. After School Detention – only assigned by the office staff. It is held from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. after school. Transportation will be provided for students who normally ride the bus. Parents are notified of after-school detention either by note or verbally.


    The following Dress Code was established to meet the California Educational Code. Students are expected to wear clothes that meet acceptable standards in safety, health, and neatness. Extremes in dress or grooming that cause undue attention or become a disruptive influence in the classroom are not allowed. OUR HOPE IS THAT WHEN A STUDENT LEAVES FOR SCHOOL IN THE MORNING THEIR FAMILY WILL BE PLEASED WITH THE STUDENT’S APPEARANCE. 1. Shorts and skirts may not be shorter than arm’s length. 2. Strapless and halter dresses, blouses, bodysuits or crop tops are definitely NOT acceptable for school wear. The mid-section or stomach area is to be completely covered. 3. Shirts are to be buttoned when worn. 4. Shoes must be worn and considered safe at all times. Due to safety, sandals must have back straps. Thongs (or the like) are forbidden. 5. Armbands, insignias, or buttons which are libelous, obscene, scandalous, or otherwise disruptive will not be permitted on campus. 6. Bandannas, caps or hats are not to be worn to school. 7. On clothing items, only factory printing is acceptable, Gothic/Old English script or personalization is not allowed. No air-brushed shirts are allowed. No names on shirts/blouses. Also, clothing that is determined disruptive will not be allowed. 8. Sagging pants are not allowed at school. Pants must be hemmed, not frayed, and the length may not extend beyond the bottom of the shoe. 9. Marks, symbols, or writing on the arms, hands, legs are not acceptable. Any tattoos must be covered at school. Nobody piercing (except earrings). Inappropriate Clothing 1. Tops – spaghetti strap, strapless, crop (midriff skin showing). 2. Shorts may not be shorter than arm’s length (measure tips of fingers as arm hangs straight down from shoulder) – or have split on side seams. 3. Sagging/baggy pants – pants must fit and be no more than one size larger than the waist and the length may not extend beyond the bottom of the shoe. 4. Any clothing determined to be gang-related will not be allowed.


    Positive conduct and maintaining good personal hygiene at school can help you to work successfully with your fellow students and school personnel. Use these positive actions daily and see the great effect they have on yourself and those around you.


    During class time students are expected to have a hall pass from their teacher when they are not in the classroom. Students are expected to use the restroom before school, during recess, and at lunch. If there is a problem with this please contact the school office. Passes can be given during class for emergencies only at the discretion of the teacher in order to minimize class disruption and maximize student learning.


    Lunch passes will be given to those students leaving campus, to go home only, during the lunch period. A form explaining the rules and tardy procedure must be signed by the parent and the student, and be on file in the school office. Parents wishing to take their Student to lunch must come into the office and sign the student out. The student must return to school before the end of the lunch period, or be assigned noon detention the following day. STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO GO HOME WITH FRIENDS.


    Our cafeteria is open daily and serves a hot breakfast for $.50 and a balanced hot lunch for $1.20. Each student will be assigned a cafeteria identification number. The number will be credited daily when the regular price or reduced-price tickets are purchased. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ISSUED LUNCH TICKETS, BUT WILL INSTEAD, USE THEIR CAFETERIA IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS AS THEY GO THROUGH THE LUNCH LINE, which has been added to their school I.D. card. Our cafeteria also serves a la carte lunch items, so if a student does not wish to eat the regular lunch, there are other food items available from which he/she may choose. Students who bring their lunches may eat them in the cafeteria or outside the patio area. Milk may be purchased for 25 cents to supplement the lunch from home. Prices are subject to change. FREE OR REDUCED LUNCH: A new application must be filled out each year. Please make sure everything is filled out or it will be sent back home, delaying the process. All information must be correct before it can be reviewed. FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL: If the student is from another Bakersfield City School and the student was on free or reduced lunch at that school, they will be allowed only 20 free or reduced lunches at Chipman. If the application has not been approved by that time, the student must provide their own lunch. If the student is from another school district, the student must provide their own lunch until the application is approved or pay $1.20 daily. On the first day of school, the student who is eligible for the 20 days of free or reduced lunches must go to the cafeteria window before school or at recess to be verified. If you have any questions please ask during that time.


    Students should be very careful with their backpacks, purses, and valuables. Large sums of money are not needed at school and should not be brought by students. Should you lose your personal property report it immediately to your teacher or the office. A lost and found area is located in the office. ALL STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN THINGS.


    Radios/Walkmans, Skateboards/Rollerblades, Electronic Pagers, Grinding Shoes, Cameras, Balls (of any kind), Toys/Stuffed Animals, Frisbees, CDs, Laser Pointers, Collectable Cards. These items and others that are similar are to be left at home. It is our experience that they cause disturbances and pose a temptation for others. Items of this type will be collected, kept in the office, and returned at a later time. In some instances, the parent or guardian may be requested to pick up the item in question.


    Students may ride bicycles to school. They must be locked INDIVIDUALLY inside the bike rack. The school cannot be responsible for the loss or theft of bikes. California law states that helmets must be worn.


    Students may come to the office ONLY if they have a PASS FROM ONE OF THEIR TEACHERS to conduct school business, or if they are ill or injured. First aid is provided for students who incur scratches, small cuts, or other minor medical problems. A place is provided in the office for students to rest who are ill or injured and are waiting for someone to take them home. THE SCHOOL OFFICE IS NOT A PLACE TO LOITER OR VISIT WITH FRIENDS!!


    Office telephones are available to students for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. Any student who requests the use of the telephone will be asked to state the specific purpose. Personal calls that students think are emergencies can usually wait until after school and made from home. Office personnel will determine if the student request is an emergency.


    School authorities may not dispense any medicine, even aspirin. However, if a student needs to take the required medication, for an extended period of time, the parent must bring the medication to the school office in the prescription container, with a District medical waiver completed and signed by the doctor. For intermittent use of medicine, the parent will need to dispense the medicine to the student.


    Student’s person or property may be subject to being searched by Principal or designee when there is reason to suspect student possession of illegally obtained items. These may include illegal substances, drug paraphernalia, weapons, or other objects or substances which may be injurious to the student or others.


    Students shall obey the bus driver at all times and show respect for their authority. Students shall be truthful and give proper identification to the bus driver upon request. Students shall not attempt to ride the bus after receiving a “no ride” penalty. Students shall not use profane language or obscene gestures. Students shall not engage in any abusive bodily contact, slapping, poking, shoving, pulling hair, etc., with other students while waiting in line or while loading or unloading the bus. Students shall remain safely in their seats at all times. At no time shall students put any part of their bodies out of bus windows. Students shall not throw objects in the bus, at the bus, or out the windows. Students shall not create any excessive noise or distractions. Students shall not smoke, light matches or cigarettes, eat, drink or chew gum while standing in line or while riding the bus. Students shall not bring any live animals, insects, glass objects, or helium balloons on the bus. Students shall not tamper with bus radios or controls, or open or close any doors, emergency exits or windows without the consent of the bus driver. Students shall not damage or deface the bus or any other school property. CHIPMAN JUNIOR HIGH BUS REFERRAL POLICY FIRST OFFENSE: DRIVER REPRIMAND OF STUDENT SECOND OFFENSE: BUS REFERRAL TO SCHOOL–CONFERENCE WITH ADMINISTRATOR/COUNSELOR. WARNING LETTER SENT HOME WITH STUDENT TO BE SIGNED BY PARENT AND RETURNED TO THE SCHOOL THIRD OFFENSE: BUS REFERRAL TO SCHOOL-FIVE (5) DAY SUSPENSION FROM THE BUS. PARENT NOTIFIED. THIRD REFERRAL: BUS REFERRAL TO SCHOOL-TEN (10) DAY SUSPENSION FROM THE BUS. PARENT NOTIFIED. FOURTH REFERRAL: BUS REFERRAL TO SCHOOL–FIFTEEN (15) DAYS SUSPENSION FROM BUS. PARENT NOTIFIED. FIFTH REFERRAL: EXCLUSION FROM BUS. LOSS OF BUS RIDING PRIVILEGES FINAL PARENT NOTIFICATION. NOTE: A STUDENT MAY BE EXCLUDED FROM THE BUS AT ANY TIME FOR BEHAVIOR THAT IS DANGEROUS OR CAUSES INJURY OR IS LISTED IN THE BCSD DISCIPLINE CODE UNDER BEHAVIOR B THROUGH E.


    Students who are assigned regular bus transportation are required to ride the school bus home. Students who do not maintain good behavior on the bus will be given a bus ticket by the bus driver and may be removed from the bus for several days.