Vision and Mission

  • Vision

    Our vision is to Build Enduring Relationships, Accelerate Learning and Inspire Excellence.



    Our mission is to lead students through inquiry toward academic, social, and emotional excellence; to establish strong partnerships between the home, school, and the community, and to participate in meaningful collaboration between and among staff, students and parents to enhance learning opportunities for all students.



    Fletcher Elementary is...

    • A school that inspires students to explore the world and make it a better place.
    • A school where high-quality, committed professionals lead students with innovative educational practices.
    • A school where strong partnerships exist between home, school, and the community.
    • A school where the latest educational technology is used to enhance and create new learning opportunities for students.
    • A school that is dedicated to high expectations for all students and staff.
    • A school that is committed to creating a safe, caring, and positive learning environment for all.
    • A school where collaboration occurs between and among teachers, students, and parents.
    • A school where inquiry and exploration are highly visible.
    • A school where achievements and academic excellence are celebrated.


  • Fletcher Elementary is one of the newest schools in the Bakersfield City School District. It’s beautiful campus was first introduced in 2014. The school is named for Dr. Douglas K. Fletcher, an educator who served many years in the BCSD as a teacher, counselor, and principal at several different schools. Fletcher Elementary’s staff and administrators work hard each day to provide each student a diverse and applicable education to prepare them for every stage of life.