Vision and Mission



    Our vision is to create a peaceful community dedicated to engaging students in high levels of academic learning while developing leadership skills and socially-successful behavior.



    We Are STARS: Successful Teams of Academic Responsible Scholars.


    The Munsey Pledge 

    I pledge to make good choices throughout my day, to use kindness in all I do and say.  In reading, math, and all the rest, I pledge to do my very best.  I will respect others and myself too because that is what Munsey STARS do!  I am a Munsey Star!  And I rock!


    STARS: Remember to be on task, cooperative, and kind!


  • Munsey first began providing educational services in 1954.  It is named after Millie Gardett Munsey, a dedicated educator who taught in several schools in the Bakersfield area from 1895-1945.  Munsey Elementary strives to follow her example each day through modern, relevant instruction delivered by knowledgeable, caring teachers and staff.

    Munsey serves approximately 660 students in grades TK-5th.  Some of our programs that make education at Munsey special include a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program for all 5th-grade students, new technology in all classrooms, a modern computer lab, a science lab, and numerous extended learning activities.

    Munsey’s mascot is the Star.  Our school colors are red, white and blue.