Science Fair

  • Important Dates 

    Each year students have the opportunity to display their scientific skills at our annual science fair.  The dates for each campus are listed below. Further information and regulations on the Kern County Science Fair are available at Kern County Science Foundation.  Please be advised that all students will be required to submit proposals for prior approval.  Students experimenting in the area of life science may need special forms.  Please see dates and deadlines below.  
    Primary Science Fair     Intermediate Science Fair  
    Parent Letter 2/18/22 Parent Letter 10/12/21
    Proposal Due 3/11/22 Proposal Due 10/22/21
    Log Books Due 4/22/22 Research/1st Logbook 11/5/21
    Board/Final Logbook Due 5/2/22 Restricted Project Forms 12/10/21
    Science Fair  5/6/22 Final Logbook Check  12/10/21
    Awards @ 2:30 pm 5/6/22 Board/Final Logbook Due 1/10/22
        Science Fair  1/12/22
        Awards @ TBA 1/13/22

Science Fair Resources