Vision and Mission

  • Mission Statement

    Through positive nurturing and guidance, the Rafer Johnson Community Day School is committed to promoting a safe learning environment and developing positive values and personal responsibilities by increasing appropriate social behavior and academic achievement. While nurturing students’ capacity to think skillfully and critically, we strive to deepen their commitment to prosaically values such as kindness, helpfulness, personal responsibility, empathy, honesty, self-control, and respect for others – qualities we believe are essential to leading balanced and productive lives. The fundamental goal is the return of the student to their comprehensive school setting.

    Vision Statement

    To provide a safe, orderly, supportive, secure, and motivating environment that is conducive to learning. To provide an academic program that will focus on high expectations of students’ behavior and achievement in all aspects of the school experience. To work collaboratively with elementary, middle, junior, and high schools to assist in a smooth transition from one school setting to another. Rafer Johnson Community Day School program welcomes and encourages the participation, views, and advice of teachers, parents, staff, school administrators, community members and considers this information to promote the safety of our students, staff, and community.


  • Rafer Johnson Community Day School - "Home of The Olympians"
    Rafer Johnson Community Day School is a unique educational environment, providing special needs services for children and their families. The school first opened in 1950, under the name “Peter Pan School.” In 1972, the district decided to have a name change, which eventually led to the school being named Rafer Johnson School. It is named after Rafer Johnson, an actor, philanthropist, sportscaster, special Olympics committee member, and Olympic decathlete champion.  Mr. Johnson won a Silver medal in the 1956 Olympics and a gold medal in the 1960 Olympics in the decathlon. He is also renowned for his contributions and involvement with the Special Olympics in Southern California. From this background, the Rafer Johnson Community Day School was created to provide services for these unique student populations.
    The Rafer Johnson Community Day School is uniquely equipped and staffed to provide quality educational services to the children that require special attention and instruction.