Dual Immersion

    The Dual Immersion Program provides an immersion model for English- speaking students and a bilingual model for Spanish-speaking students. The goal of the program is to promote fluency and comprehension in both Spanish and English for all participating students. Our program is committed to developing literacy in both languages.
    During the instructional day, the emphasis on Spanish instruction offers English-speakers ample exposure to the target language. Spanish-speakers have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and build a strong base in their first language, enabling them to be more successful as they begin to acquire English, and later as they transfer skills from Spanish into English.

    Spanish and English instruction is kept separate. This allows for maximized concentration in each of the two languages. Heterogeneous grouping during the Spanish and English portions of the day provides students with opportunities to assist and learn from one another allowing second language acquisition to occur naturally.

    The social interaction between students is important. Students have an opportunity to develop high levels of confidence and self-esteem through their study of two languages and cultures. Learning comes alive as both languages are explored through literature, mathematics, science, and history.

    Students at Voorhies School will:
    • Develop fluency and literacy in two languages: Spanish and English.
    • Increase their proficiency in all academic subjects by meeting or exceeding district standards, as enhanced by the acquisition of a second language.
    • Develop and increase a positive self-image because of academic success in English and Spanish.
    • Be better able to compete and cooperate in the global arena through the development of multicultural understanding and social development.
    • Make a commitment to participate in the Dual Immersion Program from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.
    Curriculum Design

    Dual Immersion is an academically-based program in which the target language (Spanish) is used as the vehicle of instruction, not the focus. Our model is based on the ì90/10î model. Standards-based instruction is our focus to ensure students are taught the curriculum and be successful learners. In addition, the students will be exposed to a variety of experiences that will extend vocabulary.

    Throughout the school year, standards-based thematic units are introduced through literature and social studies. Teachers use a reciprocal-interactive approach, allowing students to actively participate in their second language growth. Other teaching techniques include cooperative learning, total physical response, a natural approach to second-language acquisition, sheltered instruction, and activity-based small group instruction.

    Kindergarten: All subjects are taught in Spanish (90% of the day) with 30 minutes of English language development daily.
    1st – 3rd Grades: The amount of instruction in English increases to 20%, 30%, and 40% in grades 1-3 respectively.
    4th – 6th Grades: Instruction is 50% in English and 50% in Spanish.
    Kindergarten attends school from 8:40 am – 1:10 pm daily.
    1st – 6th Grade students attend school from 8:40 am – 2:48 pm daily.


    Parent involvement is an integral part of the Dual Immersion Program. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom and to work with their children on language skills at home. Parents make a commitment to maintain their children in the program continuously from Kindergarten through grade six. Parents are welcome to participate in classroom activities and special school events.

Dual Immersion Program Resources

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