Business Services Forms

  • Ambulance Call Report

    • Please contact the district office as soon as possible once a 911 call is placed to request emergency services. District staff will complete the Ambulance Call Report which, when submitted electronically, will be emailed to: Tabatha Mills, Laura Orozco, Andrea Selvey, Cindy Elmore, Natalie Rosales, Alfonso Ceja, Brooke Smothers-Strizic, Rocio Munoz, Christine Chapman, Mark Luque, Jose Vargas Jr., Martin Ramirez, Mike Havens, Sandy Menendez, Sherry Gladin, Christine Cornejo, Tim Fulenwider, Terri Lindsey and Latonya Thompson.
    • Ambulance Call Report (rev 12/2022) - Ambulance Call Report 22-23

    Conflict of Interest Statement – Form 700

    Consultant Agreements

    Crossing Guard Requests

    • If you receive a request from a parent regarding obtaining the services of a crossing guard at a specific location for your school site, the principal must prepare one of the attached form letters on your school-site letterhead.  If your school is located within the “city,” your letter would be addressed to the City of Bakersfield.  If your school is located within the “county,” your letter would be addressed to the County of Kern.  You send only ONE letter – not a letter to the city and county. Please send this office a copy of your request. Upon receiving notification from either the Public Works Department OR the County of Kern as to whether or not a crossing guard is recommended, please send this office a copy of their letter.
    • Letter template for Bakersfield City (rev 1/2017) - Crossing Guard Request County
    • Letter template for Kern County (rev 1/2017) - Crossing Guard Request City

    Request to be Absent

    SISC Claim for Damages Forms