• Parents As Leaders

    Parents As Leaders (PALs) is a program developed for all parents, grandparents, and guardians interested in becoming trained in parent leadership. Parent leadership strengthens families and promotes children to be successful on multiple levels.  The BCSD PALs program was featured in June 2016 in a Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) Report as a school district demonstrating best practices in family engagement. With the support of FACE Liaisons and the district FACE Department, PALs will be provided with tips and skills to support student's academic success. PALs can also serve in a role known as PAL Ambassador and receive additional training to mentor new parents in the area of parent leadership. More than 600 parents have completed the leadership academy over the last four years.

    Parent leadership skills and training are offered monthly at the Education Center to promote and encourage collaboration among all parents, PALs, FACE Representatives, and FACE Liaisons. Parents and FACE Staff (FACE Representatives, FACE Liaisons, and Coordinator) will participate in leadership skills training including:

    • Help parents become an effective PAL and increase their confidence to train other parents on the Learning Module
    • Expand the capacity of parents by developing adult presentation practice and public speaking opportunities
    • Develop communities of parents while having all FACE staff supporting one another in skills development and successful family and community engagement 
    • Recognize and present participants with a Certificate of Completion upon successful accomplishment of Learning Modules and leadership development. 
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