• Purpose of School Site Council:

    A school that operates a categorical program funded through the consolidated application (ConApp) shall establish a school site council (SSC) if such program requires a School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) (California Education Code [EC] Section 65000[b]).

    The SSC shall develop the content of the SPSA (EC Section 64001[g][1]). The SPSA shall be reviewed annually and updated, including the proposed expenditure of funds allocated to the school through the ConApp and the local control and accountability plan (LCAP), if any, by the SSC (EC Section 64001[i]).

    The SPSAs shall be reviewed and approved by the governing board or body of the local educational agency (LEA) at a regularly scheduled meeting whenever there are material changes that affect the academic programs for pupils covered by programs identified in this part (EC Section 64001[i]). If a SPSA is not approved by the governing board or body of the LEA, specific reasons for that action shall be communicated to the SSC (EC Section 64001[i]).


    To Provide Public Comments:

    All meetings of the council, and of committees established by the council, shall be open to the public. Notice of such meetings shall be provided in accordance with Section C of this article. During Virtual Learning, To provide public comments:  The preferred option for commenting on a specific agenda item or for providing general public comment under Public Comments is to submit your comment via email jimenezdu@bcsd.com  or call 661-631-3105 and leave a comment no later than one day prior to the next SSC meeting.

  • Congratulations to the following members who have been elected, or are returning, to serve on the Longfellow School Site Council for 2022-2023!

  • Leticia Ochoa

    Longfellow Principal

    Latisha Gott 

    Longfellow Teacher

    Sandra Willingham

    Longfellow Teacher

    Erin Kawiecki


    Longfellow Teacher

    Natalie Richards


    Longfellow Academic Coach

  • Olga Munoz

    Longfellow Parent  

    Jessica Ortiz

    Longfellow Parent  

    Adriana Paredes     


    Longfellow Parent  

    Dilma Sollo   

    Longfellow Parent  

    Leslie Soto    

    Longfellow Parent  





  • BCSD Nondiscrimination Statement

    The Bakersfield City School District (BCSD) is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals in education and in employment. BCSD prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying in any employment practice, education program, or educational activity on the basis and/or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics of age, ethnicity or race, which is inclusive of traits historically associated with race, including but not limited to, hair texture and protective hairstyles, such as braids, locks, and twists, color, ancestry, nationality, national origin, immigration status, ethnic group identifications, religion, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, physical disability, mental disability, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, medical information, genetic information, homelessness, foster status, military veteran status, political affiliation or any other basis prohibited by California state and federal nondiscrimination laws consistent with Education Code 200, 220 and 234.1, Penal Code 422.55, Government Code 11135, and Title IX. Not all bases of discrimination will apply to both education services and employment. If you believe you, or your student, have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying you should contact your school site principal and/or the District’s Chief Compliance and Title IX Officer, Erin Johnston, by phone at (661) 631-4663, by email at johnstone@bcsd.com, or in person at 1300 Baker Street, Bakersfield, CA 93305. Copies of BCSD’s Uniform Complaint policy, Sexual Harassment policy, and Nondiscrimination policies are available upon request.

    Aviso de No Discriminación

    El Distrito Escolar de la Ciudad de Bakersfield (BCSD, sigla en inglés) está comprometido con la igualdad de oportunidades para todas las personas en la educación y en el empleo. El BCSD prohíbe la discriminación, el acoso, la intimidación y el acoso en cualquier práctica laboral, programa educativo o actividad educativa sobre la base y/o asociación con una persona o grupo con una o más de estas características reales o percibidas de edad, origen étnico o raza que incluye rasgos históricamente asociados con la raza, incluidos, entre otros, la textura del cabello y los peinados protectores, como trenzas, mechones y giros, color, ascendencia, nacionalidad, origen nacional, estado de inmigración, identificaciones de grupos étnicos, religión, embarazo, estado civil, estado parental, discapacidad física, discapacidad mental, sexo (incluido el acoso sexual), orientación sexual, género, identidad de género, expresión de género, información médica, información genética, indigencia, estado de crianza, estado de veterano militar, afiliación política o cualquier otra base prohibida por las leyes de no discriminación estatales y federales de California de conformidad con el Código de Educación 200, 220 y 234.1, Código penal 422.55, Código de gobierno 11135 y Título IX. No todas las bases de discriminación se aplicarán tanto a los servicios educativos como al empleo. Si cree que usted o su estudiante han sido objeto de discriminación, acoso, intimidación o acoso escolar, debe comunicarse con el director de su escuela y/o con la Directora de Cumplimiento y Título IX del Distrito, Erin Johnston, por teléfono al (661) 631 -4663, por correo electrónico a johnstone@bcsd.com, o en persona en 1300 Baker Street, Bakersfield, CA 93305. Copias de la política de Quejas Uniformes del BCSD, la política de Acoso Sexual y las políticas de No Discriminación están disponibles a pedido.