• All book orders need to be reviewed by the District Librarian for content prior to requisition approval.

    Classroom/Library/School Book Request Form

    2023-2024 Process:

    Please use the same form for all requests. 

    1. Create a new tab for each requisition
    2. Add the requisition # to the form and rename the tab to the req#
    3. Update share access to "anyone with the link"  - Editor
    4. Anytime you add a new tab, email koopc@bcsd.com with the link to form and the TAB/Req number to review.
    5. Recommend always having the newest tab on the left - closest to "+"
    6. Once C. Koop has provided approval/denial in column E, adjust the requisition and link PDF of form with C.Koop's notes/approval to smartetools req.

    If you are using Scholastic, do not list Scholastic ISBN numbers but find ISBN numbers through isbnsearch.org