•  Curriculum and/or Online Program Purchase Request 


    A NEW Consultant Agreement ( for Executive Director Approval)

    Schools need to complete the Purchase Request Form for the following requests:

    • Online Programs

    • Curriculum - includes Instructional or SEL programs that require a supply,  book, or online purchase

    • Contract/Agreements

    • NEW Consultant Agreement

    Important: Schools do not have authority to sign contracts or purchase agreements with outside vendors. 

    The purpose of the Purchase Request Form is for schools to submit a request for curriculum, online program, or consultant  before they begin contract & procurement requirements. If the request includes a new contract with terms and conditions or consultant agreement, Board approval is required. DO NOT sign any agreements, contracts or approve via email.

    All curriculum, online programs, or any other service provided to schools must go through the BCSD Contract, Purchasing, and Procurement Procedures for approval.


    Steps to Follow:

    1. Complete linked form:Curriculum, PD Content, Consultant or Online Purchase Request

    2. Download the completed form as PDF and attach to Smartetools Purchase Requisition.

    3. Submit Electronic Purchase Requisition with Purchase Justification in Comment Section