About the Committee

  • The Portrait of a Graduate Committee was established on November 15, 2022. The Bakersfield City School District Board of Education established the committee to work with the Superintendent to collaborate with members of the community on the development of the Portrait of a Graduate.

    The Portrait of a Graduate Committee is charged with the following:

    • Serve as the Design Team and draft the following:
      • A prioritized set of competencies, including 21st century skills, mindsets and literacies, that students of the District should embody and exemplify by graduation.
      • A set of visuals that incorporates the identified priorities and conveys a compelling story.
    • Reach consensus about a selected visual to share with the District community for feedback.
    • Advise the Superintendent, based on feedback from the District community, on any revisions prior to final product submission to the Board for adoption.

    The Portrait of a Graduate Committee will meet a minimum of six times and may require additional meetings on an as-needed basis. The committee shall remain in existence until such time as the Superintendent and Board determine that the committee has completed its charge.


  • Superintendent Mark Luque


    Ms. Elvira Mercado, BCSD - Migrant

    Mrs. Lillian Tafoya, Board President


    Ms. Yolanda Waner, BCSD – State & Federal Programs

    Ms. Laura Guerrero Salgado, Board Member


    Ms. Sheila Trinidad, BCSD – State & Federal Programs

    Mrs. Laura Orozco, Asst. Superintendent


    Ms. Kristen Padilla, BCSD – C&I

    Dr. Tim Fulenwider, Executive Director


    Mr. Christopher Daines, BCSD – C&I

    Dr. John Mendiburu


    Ms. Jessica Ercoli, BCSD – New Teacher Development

    Dr. Bryon Schaefer, KHSD - Superintendent


    Mr. Gabriel Barron, BCSD – New Teacher Development

    Mr. Leo Holland, KHSD -  Asst. Superintendent


    Mrs. Leane Melo, BCSD – Fiscal

    Mr. Mike Havens, Executive Director


    Mr. George Fernandez – BCSD – Campus Supervisor

    Mr. Lewis Neal


    Ms. Kristen Watson – Cal State, Bakersfield

    Mrs. Sandy Menendez, BCSD - Confidential


    Ms. Marisa Marquez, Bakersfield College

    Mrs. Michelle Santoyo, BCSD - Confidential


    Ms. Dolores Salgado,  Ardurra

    Ms. Felicia Patino, BCSD – Extended Learning


    Ms. Natasha Felkins, Bitwise

    Mr. Ken Walker, BCSD – Extended Learning


    Ms. Ashley De La Rosa – Dolores Huerta Foundation

    Ms. Rolanda Tyler, BCSD – Instructional Student Supports


    Mr. Chad Elmore, LiUNA

    Ms. Sarah Abraham, BCSD – Instructional Student Supports


    Mr. Bob Boyd, LiUNA

    Ms. Antonia Serrano, BCSD – Family & Community


    Mrs. Lemuel Kwon, Principal, Casa Loma

    Ms. Kotanya Kimbrough, BCSD – Family & Community


    Mrs. Lynn McEntire, Principal, Downtown

    Ms. Elizabeth Gonzalez, BCSD – Multilingual Ed


    Mrs. Sara Williams, Principal, Sequoia Jr. High

    Ms. Denys Garcia, BCSD – Multilingual Ed


    Mr. Sam Molina, Parent

    Ms. Deisy Galvan, BCSD - Migrant


    Ms. Nastasia Santoyo, Parent

    Ms. Celia Sanchez, Parent


    Ms. Karina Hernandez Sanchez, CSEA

    Ms. Leteisa White, Parent


    Mr. Randy Sanaella, CSEA

    Mr. Miguel Lira, Parent


    Mr. Steve Comstock, BETA President

    Mr. Christopher White, Parent


    Ms. Sandra Medina, BETA

    Ms. Maria Perez, Parent


    Mr. Lance Jacobs, BETA

    Ms. Lisa Chesmore, Parent


    Ms. Shannon Barnes, BETA

    Ms. Arlene Contreras, Parent


    Mr. John Peterson, BETA

    Ms. Dalia Amin, Parent


    Ms. Helen Cuevas, BETA

    Ms. Dinah May Jimenez, CSEA



    Ms. Maria Arevalo, CSEA