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Our Mission

  • The Bakersfield City School District believes in order for all students to reach their full potential, schools must be intentionally designed to hold all students to high expectations. Through the development and use of a Portrait of a Graduate, schools can embrace an expanded definition of student success, one that ensures students are fully equipped with core academic knowledge and skills, as well as a range of other competencies that we all need to be successful in education, work, and life.

    During the 2022/23 school year, a committee of various stakeholders including parents, principals, community groups, and support staff joined together to engage in meaningful conversations, unifying in a collective framework to guide students and the work of the district into the future. The committee established the six Portrait of a Graduate competencies, which include Communicator, Collaborator, Creator, Critical Thinker, Resilient Learner, and Problem Solver. The 2023/24 school year is committed to raising awareness and establishing a strategic plan that schools and educators can utilize to help students achieve each competency on their journey to becoming BCSD graduates.

    We know our students today live in a very different world than those of the past and it is crucial that we redesign our educational system to meet their needs. Please watch the videos to learn more, and keep a lookout for more information on this exciting new venture to help BCSD students flourish!


Focus Areas

  • Scan or click the QR codes below to learn more about each of the Portrait of a Graduate Competencies.

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  • QR codeResilient Learner

  • qr codeProblem Solver


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