Extra time is earned before or after contract hours (sometimes during 30 minute duty free lunch) to support an activity or strategy in the SPSA. 


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    EXTRA-TIME: The purpose of extra time must match the intent of the funding source and support SPSA goals & strategies:


    The extra time requisition description field to include:

      • What the extra time is for
      • Who is receiving the extra time
      • When (dates for the extra time)
      • Why/How- How the extra time benefited the program (what was the extra time used for… specific PD)
      • SPSA Goal & Strategy  

    Time card description of daily activities and actual time worked must align to the description of approved extra time requisition.

    Supporting documentation must align to the description of approved extra time requisition.




    Step 1: Extra-Time Protocol (Defining the extra time procedures for your site)

    The Extra Time Protocol Form is the tool for schools to provide clear steps for staff to request, submit, and process extra time requisitions.

    Complete School Extra Time Protocol Form prior to submitting extra time requisitions for 2024-2025.

    • Employees submitting smartetools extra time requisitions and the time earned must be trained on requisition requirements and your school’s protocol.

    • Protocol should include Principal request for extra time from employee for implementation of strategy/activity in the SPSA.  


    Directions to complete Extra-Time Protocol Form :

    The top portion of the protocol form must include a list of all the employees responsible for submitting Smartetools extra time requisitions and/or entering time earned. Then school is to list their process for extra time requisitions.

    Example of what an Extra-Time School Procedures could be:

    Step 1. The School Principal requests completion of extra time request form from employee(s) for implementation of strategy/activity in the SPSA.


    Principal approves or denies the request, gives forms to APL to enter the appropriate budget.

    Secretary (or SFC) to submit Smartetools extra time requisition based on approved request form

    Principal approves submitted requisition in smartetools requisition approval.

    Smartetools ET Requisition submitted for approval.


    Step 2: __________ (and person responsible) provides the required  time card or sign in/out form to employee(s) with directions on how to complete the time card.

    Step 3: Time cards submitted to ____________ (Add person responsible: APL/AC/Principal )for review of the following:

      • Assure correct budget: resource code and object code is charged, 

      • The purpose for each day on the timecard matches the extra time requisition description and allowable use of the budget. 

      • Required documentation (listed on ET request form) submitted with their timecard or sign in/out form.

      • Time & Effort completed when using Federal Funds. 

      • Principal signs the time card and submits to the Secretary or SFC to enter for payroll.

    Step 4: Time is entered for payroll and supporting documentation attached to ET requisition

      • Secretary enters general fund payroll extra time

      • SFC to enter SPSA funded extra time for payroll.



    Certificated staff have the option to provide services for ELT or Extracurricular during contract time that continue into non-contract duty time.  Teachers flex contract time to earn extra time pay for the time services are provided and then “make-up” contract time that was used to provide the services. Click on Certificated Extra Time for Contractual Make Up Time below for more details.

  • Certificated Extra Time

    Accounting Document for Contractual Make up Time  




    Extra time pay is earned when services are provided before or after contract duty time. BETA members can earn extra time pay for tutoring or extracurricular activities when the activity occurs before or after contract time.  


    Option 1: Teacher provides services before or after contract duty time and submit time card and required documentation to earn extra time pay for services provided.


    Option 2: Teacher provides services during contract time that continue into non-contract duty time.  Teachers earn extra time pay for the time services provided before or after contract time.


    Option 3: Teacher provides services during contract time that continue into non-contract duty time.  Teachers flex contract time to earn extra time pay for the time services are provided and then “make-up” contract time that was used to provide the services.

    Why is option 3 offered?

    At some schools, student dismissal and contract time are 30-45 minutes apart and students are not able to go home and return for these services. 

    To best serve our students and provide before or after school tutoring (ELT) or extracurricular activities during contracted (regular duty hours) and get paid extra time for these services, the contracted time that is used must be given back to the district.  Extra time can only be paid for time after contract hours or time made up during the same month. Teacher’s contracted time before or after school is intended for planning.  When contracted planning time is used to provide paid ELT or extracurricular activities, the planning time then must be made up, after or before regular duty hours on school campus.  


    For example, teacher’s contract hours are 8:00 - 3:15. Students end their day at 2:30.  Rather than waiting until 3:15 to start tutoring, the teacher may use their contracted planning time to provide tutoring. However the 40 minutes for planning must still occur.  Teacher to tutor 2:35-3:35 pm would then need to stay on campus until  4:15  or arrive 40 minutes earlier than contract time to make up the 40  minutes  Teacher would need to make up planning time before or after their regular duty hours in order for the teacher to be paid for the extra time.  Teacher would need to stay



    Completing the  Accounting Document for Contractual Make up Time 

    Section A- ELT or Extracurricular Activities that occur during contract time

    1. Enter employee information, month and year 

    2. Enter date of ELT or Extracurricular activity, start and end times (must match timecard)

    3. Calculate total number of daily hours and total number of hours for the month during contract time.


    Section B - Planning time that occurs after regular duty hours to give back (make up) the contract time used to provide and get paid for ELT or Extracurricular activities.

    1. Enter date, start and end times, total hours, and description of work completed during make up time


    Affirmation of Make up time

    1. Employee sign and date completed form and submit with timecard

    2. Principal sign and date

    3. Give form to SFC or APL to scan signed form with a timecard to attach to Smartetools ET req when time is entered. 

    4. Keep in your records for 5 years.


    Please note: 

    • All extra paid time requires a separate time card for pay with a description of the activity (time and effort).  Link to adobe fillable  Timecard

    • Make up time must be earned within the same month 

    • Make up time must be earned on campus.