Name Title Phone Email
      Nikki Stiles Director (661) 631-5863 stilesn@bcsd.com
      Dr. Michael E. Cunningham Assistant Director, SELPA (661) 631-5863 cunninghammi@bcsd.com
      Vacant Assistant Director, Special Education (661) 631-5863
      Courtney Brown Coordinator, Rafer Johnson Children's Center (661) 631-5850 brownco@bcsd.com
      Desiree Romero Coordinator, Moderate/ Severe, Pre-K Mild/ Moderate (661) 631-55863 romerode@bcsd.com
      Jodi Gonzalez Coordinator, School Based Mild/ Moderate (661) 631-5863 gonzalezj@bcsd.com
      Lido Wells Coordinator, Social Emotional Transition, Deaf & Hard of Hearing (661) 631-5445 wellsl@bcsd.com
      Tracy Holdcraft Coordinator, Autism (661) 631-5863 holdcraftt@bcsd.com
      Eugenia DeLouth Coordinator, Professional Development (661) 631-5863 delouthe@bcsd.com

      Office Staff

      Name Title Phone Email
      Jeanette Ayala Administrative Secretary II (661) 631-5863 ayalaj@bcsd.com
      Iris Magallanes Administrative Secretary II (661) 631-5863 magallanesi@bcsd.com
      Otilia Melgoza Clerk VIII (661) 631-5863 melgozao@bcsd.com
      Cynthia Ibarra Clerk VI (661) 631-5863 ibarrac@bcsd.com
      Alexa Hedgemon Clerk VI (661) 631-5863 hedgemona@bcsd.com
      Maria Perez Arce Clerk VI (661) 631-5863 perezarcem@bcsd.com
      Imelda Aguirre Clerk IV Bilingual (661) 631-5863 aguirrei@bcsd.com
      Vacant Clerk VI
      Diana Castruita Accounting Technician II (661) 631- 5863 castruitad@bcsd.com

      Program Specialists

      Name Title Email
      Anne Langley Program Specialist langleya@bcsd.com
      Patricia Minor Program Specialist minorp@bcsd.com
      Sal Lopez Program Specialist lopezs@bcsd.com
      Robert Johnson III Program Specialist johnsonr@bcsd.com
      Leah Blake Program Specialist blakel@bcsd.com
      Chris Combs Program Specialist combsc@bcsd.com
      Jennifer Othart Program Specialist othartj@bcsd.com
      April Hammond Program Specialist hammonda@bcsd.com
      Stacy Davis Program Specialist (Assistive Technology) daviss@bcsd.com

      Academic Coaches

      Name Title Email
      Amy Smith Academic Coach smitha@bcsd.com
      Aimee Luter Academic Coach lutera@bcsd.com
      Stephanie Wood Academic Coach woodst@bcsd.com
      April Fox Academic Coach foxa@bcsd.com
      Dina Saavedra Academic Coach saavedrad@bcsd.com

      Speech and Language Specialists

      Name Title Email
      Barbara Bailey Speech and Language Therapists baileyb@bcsd.com
      Yolanda Blakey Speech and Language Therapists blakeyy@bcsd.com
      Jill Brewer Speech and Language Therapists brewerj@bcsd.com
      Cecilia Caceres Speech and Language Therapists caceresc@bcsd.com
      Vanessa Castillo Speech and Language Therapists castillov@bcsd.com
      Charlene Diaz Speech and Language Therapists diazc@bcsd.com
      Christy Elaides Speech and Language Therapists elaidesc@bcsd.com
      Maya Griffin Speech and Language Therapists griffinm@bcsd.com
      Kristin Haworth Speech and Language Therapists haworthk@bcsd.com
      Roberta Joseph Speech and Language Therapists josephr@bcsd.com
      Wendy Karnes Speech and Language Therapists karnesw@bcsd.com
      Mary Luter Speech and Language Therapists luterm@bcsd.com
      Barbara March Speech and Language Therapists marchb@bcsd.com
      Elizabeth Martinez Speech and Language Therapists martineze@bcsd.com
      Amy Meadors Speech and Language Therapists meadorsa@bcsd.com
      Valerie O’Malley Speech and Language Therapists omalleyv@bcsd.com
      Sandra Padilla Speech and Language Therapists haworthk@bcsd.com
      Virginia Serrano Speech and Language Therapists serranov@bcsd.com
      Cathy Shaffer Speech and Language Therapists shafferc@bcsd.com
      Shafin Sitorius Speech and Language Therapists sitoriuss@bcsd.com
      Whitney Taylor Speech and Language Therapists taylorwhit@bcsd.com
      Heather West Speech and Language Therapists westh@bcsd.com
      Tracy Wilson Speech and Language Therapists wilsont@bcsd.com
      Sherauna Provensal Speech and Language Therapists provensals@bcsd.com
      Janice Gaines Speech and Language Therapists gainesj@bcsd.com

      School Psychologists

      Name Title Email
      Joann Cramer School Psychologist cramerj@bcsd.com
      Teresa Clarke School Psychologist clarket@bcsd.com
      Milton Cruz School Psychologist cruzmi@bcsd.com
      Veera Daruwalla School Psychologist daruwallav@bcsd.com
      Rita Faz School Psychologist fazr@bcsd.com
      Nick Flynn School Psychologist flynnn@bcsd.com
      Adriana Frausto School Psychologist fraustoa@bcsd.com
      Darsiel Gholston School Psychologist gholstond@bcsd.com
      Leah Giannini School Psychologist gianninil@bcsd.com
      Jose Gonzalez School Psychologist gonzalezjo@bcsd.com
      Gina Gordon-Lopez School Psychologist gordonlopezg@bcsd.com
      Heather Gorey School Psychologist goreyh@bcsd.com
      Kristin Lish School Psychologist lishk@bcsd.com
      Christie Ludlow School Psychologist ludlowc@bcsd.com
      Amanda Mata School Psychologist mata@bcsd.com
      Briceida Nunez Martinez School Psychologist nunezmartinezb@bcsd.com
      Aurora Nuno School Psychologist nunoa@bsd.com
      Teofila Perez School Psychologist perezt@bcsd.com
      Jessie Puga School Psychologist pugaj@bcsd.com
      Juong Min Romans-Kroll School Psychologist romanskrollj@bcsd.com
      Amanda Saldivar School Psychologist saldivaram@bcsd.com
      Graciela Sanchez School Psychologist sanchezg@bcsd.com
      Ken Shaffner School Psychologist shaffnerk@bcsd.com
      Rajko Strizic School Psychologist strizicr@bcsd.com
      Melissa Young School Psychologist youngme@bcsd.com

      Adaptive Physical Education Teachers

      Name Title Email
      Jesse Black Adaptive Physical Education Teacher blackj@bcsd.com
      Brad Griffith Adaptive Physical Education Teacher griffithc@bcsd.com
      Tracy Miller Adaptive Physical Education Teacher millert@bcsd.com

      Assistive Technology

      Name Title Email
      Stacy Davis Assistive Technology daviss@bcsd.com
      Roberta Joseph Assistive Technology josephr@bcsd.com

      Physical Therapists

      Name Title Email
      Pam Maxwell Physical Therapist maxwellp@bcsd.com