• Bronze Plan-Affordable Care Act

    As part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) it is mandatory for the District to offer a basic health plan.  The Bronze Plan was designed to meet the mandatory guidelines set in place by the Government.  If you are an employee working less than 4 hours per day, temporary, seasonal or a substitute employee you are eligible for enrollment under the this plan.  This is a basic medical and prescription plan for employees who do not qualify for the District Fringe Benefit Package.  This plan does NOT include dental, vision, life insurance or any coverage for your spouse.  When enrolling dependent children, you must provide social security numbers and copies of birth certificates.  Should you choose to enroll, you are responsible for making monthly premium payments to the District’s Health Benefits office. 

    2022-2023 Monthly Rates

    • Employee Only:  $553.00
    • Employee and Children:  $868.00

    For additional plan information and enrollment form please click on the links below.

    2022-2023 Bronze Benefit Summary

    Declination of Coverage

    HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

    Mandatory Notice

    Plan Document 

    For additional information about coverage offered through the Marketplace please visit HealthCare.gov.