• Retiree Information

    Currently insured employees retiring between the ages of 55-65 may qualify for District paid Medical and Prescription coverage until the 1st of the month they turn 65.  To see if you qualify for such benefits please click on the link “Benefit Eligibility” below.

    For employees retiring after age 65 or current retirees on the District paid plan, you may continue under the District coverage at your own cost.  Please click on the link “Retiree Plan Options”.

    Retirees currently covered under the District paid plan will be notified approximately 3-4 months prior to their 65th birthday of current plan options and cost.  This is a one time option.  Once a retiree declines or terminates coverage they will not be able to re-enroll.

    You may find the following contacts helpful when considering your retirement options:

    • STRS  1-800-228-5453
    • PERS 1-888-225-7377
    • Social Security Department 1-866-366-9558 

    Please click on the links below for information regarding retiree benefits.