Students were the MVP at Math Bowl 33

March 6, 2019 - The Curriculum and Instruction department at BCSD hosted the 33rd Annual Math Bowl at Cato Middle School last week.  Students from 27 BCSD schools gathered for a day of competition utilizing and showcasing their math skills. This year’s Math Bowl theme is “Be the MVP at Math Bowl 33!"

Students competed as individuals or teams in categories such as The Thinker, which tests the student’s problem solving skills, The Super Star, a written test of 50 standard-based multiple choice and constructed response questions, and the Traditional Relay, a fast paced crowd favorite. Participants had been preparing for months to qualify for this event.

Hilda Wright, an Instructional Specialist from the Curriculum and Instruction department, said, “One reason why Math Bowl is so great is all the student teams, coaches and district staff come together to celebrate mathematics.  We try to make today fun and bring an energy and passion to the subject.”

The day’s activities ended with a trophy and awards ceremony. Congratulations to all participants and coaches. Kudos to the Curriculum and Instruction staff for an outstanding event. 

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The following is a list of all the winners from the 33rd Annual Math Bowl:

Power Relay

1st place - Coby Aguilar, Rebecca Gutierrez, Parker Dolan, Sydney Roy, Amalia Ray

Downtown Elementary

2nd place - Andrea Pulido, Marisol Ayala, Analicia Mendoza, Shaila Vargas, Lluvia Leyva

Owens Intermediate

3rd place - Noah Barrison, Aubrey Segura, Isabella Jaime, Matthew White, Roman Peruna



Team Round

1st place - Noah Quiroz, Ari Cross, Arpi Akopyan - Thorner

2nd place - Rocky M, Hope G, Ty C Amalia R - Harding

3rd place - Luca Gutcher, David D’Lion, CArlos Razo, Daymian Lozano - Owens Intermediate


Traditional Relay

1st place - Chavez

2nd place - Sequoia

3rd place - Owens Intermediate


Fantastic Flash

1st place - Eva Haverstock - Downtown

2nd place - Sienna Uzzle - Chavez

3rd place - Kaylee Chavez – Franklin


Super Star

1st place - Alliza Barrera - Owens Intermediate

2nd place - Luca Garone - Downtown

3rd place - Noah Santillan- Thorner



1st place - Ethan Scott - Harding

2nd place - Aaron Pitts - Cato

3rd place - Xavier Jaimes – Owens, Wyatt Haner – Thorner, David Navarro – Sequoia


Dynamic Duo

1st place - Inara Cruz-Boone, Emma Wong - Downtown

2nd place - Rhyen Moses, Bettie Schaffran - Franklin

3rd place - Elijah Legan, Andrew Minnear – Chavez;  Giselle Gomez, Kayleen Melgoza – Harding; Nicholas Gonzales, Carlos Banales – Thorner


Team round

1st place - Jefferson

2nd place - Munsey, Fletcher

3rd place - Frank West, Casa Loma


Traditional Relay

1st place - Garza

2nd place - Jefferson

3rd place - Munsey


Super Star

1st place - Ahilyn De Los Santos – Jefferson; LIzeth Marin - Casa Loma

2nd place - Alicia Valtierra - Munsey

3rd place - Aiden Petty - Fletcher


Dynamic Duo

1st place - Issac Mays, Damien Gonzalez - Munsey

2nd place - Adamari Miranda, Stephanie Coronado - Casa Loma

3rd place - Paige Haggard, Sarah Holland – Fletcher


Gold Division

Downtown Elementary


Silver Division