Heroes Wanted! – Many new teachers coming to BCSD

March 13, 2019 - It’s teacher recruitment season and the BCSD Human Resources team as out in full force at the annual BCSD Teacher Recruitment Fair, held on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at Harris Elementary School. “Heroes Wanted” is the theme for this year as the districts sees teachers as heroes in our students’ lives.  The HR department has already participated in several job fairs throughout the state, including a stops in Pomona, CA and right here in Bakersfield for the annual KCSOS Teacher Job Fair.

Several hundred prospective teachers attended the recruitment fair ready to be interviewed in hopes of being offered a teaching position to become a part of team BCSD. Dr. Diane Cox, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources said, “I believe that this was a very successful event today. Hundreds of applicants participated and we offered over 75 conditional contracts for teaching next year.  We are really excited!”

Sarah Hood, one of the several attendees that was offered a conditional contract, said, “I have always wanted to be a teacher.  I have been subbing for three years in multiple classrooms for multiple grades, and my desire is to teach 1st-3rd graders. This is what I always wanted to do.”

Karina Villanueva, another recipient of a conditional teaching contract, said, “I heard about this Teacher Job Fair two weeks ago at another job fair.  They told me there was going to be interviews, so I scheduled an appointment.  They will review all of my information, like college units and credits, and they will let me know if I will be working as an intern with another teacher, or teaching in a classroom while finishing up my credentials.”

At the conclusion of the event, 75 conditional contracts were offered to prospective teachers. Congratulations to the HR team on a successful event and hard work to bring in the best and brightest teachers for students at BCSD. Those that did not make the event, but are interested in teaching, can visit the BCSD website or Click Here to apply.