Author Promotes Reading among BCSD Migrant Families

March 20, 2019 - Dozens of families from Migrant Education, Region 21 welcomed award-winning author Reyna Grande to a special event for Young Author’s Week at the Bakersfield City School District’s Education Center. Grande shared the importance of celebrating family stories and reading with migrant families. She said, “Literature is a bridge that connects individuals, families and community."

Grande presented her book entitled The Distance Between Us. Each student and their families received a copy, which included the original version, young reader version, and a Spanish language version. "Encourage your children to read. Reading will help students succeed in school and develop their imagination," she said.

The author shared that literature captivated her at the young age of nine. Since then, she has been an assiduous reader. She also realized at a young age that her reality was not represented in the books she read. "I was not in those books. I felt that I did not exist, and that's why I started writing when I was 13," she said.

Grande's work is characterized by describing the lives of migrant families. She explains that her books are a celebration to the migrant population in this country, an acknowledgment of the work and talent that migrants provide to society. "We should be proud to know who we are, and never forget where we came from, and the sacrifices that we and our ancestors have made to be in this country," said Grande.

Grande closed her presentation by offering the following advice to parents: "I ask you to be an example for your children. Create a tradition of family reading. Give our brains the opportunity to develop through reading. You will see the benefits reflected in the schools and in your lives."

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