BCSD Bus Drivers Test their Skills at Bus Road-E-O

March 25, 2019 - The California Association of School Transportation Officials (CASTO) hosted the Chapter 12 “Bus Road-E-O” Saturday March 16th at the KCSOS transportation yard.  Several districts in Kern County participated, including Edison, Rosedale, KCSOS, BCSD and others.

Fifteen BCSD drivers participated in the event where they competed against other drivers using skills and precision driving.  Each event was timed or measured to determine the score.  The events included an obstacle course which tested the drivers’ skills in reversing, parallel parking, student loading/unloading and turning.  There was also a written exam that tested the contestants’ knowledge on rules, regulations and vehicle inspection.

Julee Arnall, Assistant Director of the Transportation department, said, “We encourage our drivers to participate in the school bus road-e-o to improve a driver’s knowledge of the rules, regulations and the vehicle itself.”

The following is a list of winners:

Individual Competition

1st place — Crystal Langford, Kern County Superintendent of Schools

2nd place — Ben Weigel, Bakersfield City School District

3rd place — Scott Terrell, Bakersfield City School District

4th place — Jose Jimenez, Bakersfield City School District

5th place — Israel Martinez, Greenfield Union School District  

Team Competition 

1st place — Israel Martinez, Jacqulen Sanchez, and David Edwards,

Greenfield Union School District, 

2nd place — Ben Weigel, Jorge Hernandez, and Richard Sedeno,

Bakersfield City School District 

3rd place — Scott Terrell, Chris Roddy, and Fred Linder, Bakersfield City School District