BCSD Hosts LCAP Student Focus Group

March 28, 2019 -The Bakersfield City School District invited student body representatives from each school to take part in a Student Focus Group at the Education Center on Baker St.  Superintendent Doc Ervin and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Mark Luque conducted the meeting which included a student survey, interactive discussions and a question and answer session. 

Juan Torres, student at Compton Junior High, said, “I feel really good that the district is listening to all these students and that they are helping schools improve.  I think (meetings like this) would help, not only the district, but all of the schools and it could have a big impact.”

Andrea Sanchez, student at Fremont Elementary, said, “It was awesome to give feedback to the district today, and I learned that there are a lot of ways to communicate with each other and realized there are a lot of things we can change at our school.”

Superintendent Doc Ervin stressed the importance of meetings like these with the students, “BCSD is where the student comes first, and today was an opportunity to hear students’ feedback and what their thoughts are in terms of how we are progressing as a school district.  In education, we spend a lot of our time communicating with adults, and I think anytime you can bring students in and get their perspective, I think it’s crucial when considering future decisions and changes.”

Each student attendee was an elected student government member and were treated to lunch with the attending administrators.