BCSD Recognizes Exemplary Students at Annual Awards Ceremonies

May 22, 2019 - Each year, hundreds of BCSD students throughout the district receive recognition for demonstrating positive characteristics during the school year, such as academic achievement, leadership, strength, and courage.  Students who demonstrate these characteristics are nominated by their respective teachers or school staff.

The first of these awards ceremonies was the O.D. Williams Awards which took place at Walter Stiern Middle School on May 2, 2019.  The O.D. Williams award is given to outstanding male students in the district who demonstrate the character and values similar to the man for which the award was named:  equity, integrity, caring, collaboration and personal and collective accountability.  This year marked the 59th year for the ceremony, and 82 young men from BCSD schools were recognized and honored.

The second of these award ceremonies was the Dr. Juliet Thorner Awards, which took place at Sierra Middle School on May 7, 2019.  This award is presented to exceptional young women in BCSD that are recognized for their leadership, kindness, academic achievement and courage.  This year’s ceremony was the 49th annual and 76 young women were recognized and honored.

The final award ceremony was the 23rd Annual Dr. Fred Luther Haynes Awards held at Sequoia Middle School on May 15, 2019.  There were 47 young men who received the award and who were recognized for their demonstrated leadership, academic achievement, strength and courage. 

Keenan Starland, 5th grader at wayside Elementary and recipient of the Dr. Fred Haynes award, said, “I feel great about winning this award.  My teacher Ms. DiGiacomo nominated me and said it was because of my leadership and how helpful I was with other students in my class.”

Congratulations to all of the BCSD students who received these prestigious awards this year.  We look forward to hearing more of your accomplishments as you continue your education to high school, college and beyond.