Chevron hosts STEM Event for BCSD Migrant Students

July 25, 2019 -The Migrant Education Department at BCSD has been hosting their Migrant Summer Academy at Longfellow Elementary School during the month of July. The academy provides many learning opportunities, such as art projects, swimming classes, competitive sports and field trips. 

This week, 30 migrant students took a field trip to the Chevron headquarters to participate in a day of STEM themed academic enrichment. The students participated in four different interactive, hands-on learning stations all hosted by Chevron employees with knowledge and experience in the respected fields.  The four stations were Earth Science, Drilling, Petroleum Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

“Today was a good and fun experience. I learned about electrical engineering, how to pull oil out of the ground and different types of rocks and the importance of them,” said Perla, a Migrant Student that attends Chipman Junior High.

Once the students visited all four learning stations, they participated in a panel discussion panel with four Chevron employees who shared their professional experiences, educational journeys and reasons why they chose their specific careers.  The presentation included a question and answer session where students had the opportunity to interact with the panelists and get more information on their areas of expertise.

Daniel Moreno, a product engineer a Chevron and one of the presenters at the learning station, said, “Today’s event was designed to show the kids what STEM careers in the oil industry are all about.  This event lets them know that there is a bright future for them and it highlights the opportunities related to STEM education.”

Thank you so Chevron for partnering with BCSD and the Migrant Education Department for this wonderful summer learning experience.