BCSD Welcomes New Teachers

August 19, 2019 - The 2019-2020 school year will begin with 152 new teachers that the Bakersfield City School District formally welcomed during a three-day orientation at Cato Middle School. The group is made up of first- time teachers, teachers transferring from other districts, and professionals who decided to make a career change to go into the education field. 

Robin Gracia, who worked as a Producer at local news affiliate KERO-23, will be starting at Cato Middle School as a 7th grade English teacher.  "I expect it to be challenging, rewarding, engaging and stressful, But in the best kind of way to where you just want to keep coming back every day," she said. 

Jelice Crossley, a former Pre-K teacher, was hired on as a 6th Grade teacher at Stella Hills. Crossley said the reason she wants to become a teacher is, "So that they (the students) could see themselves in me and know that anything is possible." 

The new teachers heard from BCSD Superintendent Doc Ervin and Assistant Superintendent Mark Luque, who shared with the group the district Values, Vision, Mission, and Goals. 

New Teacher Support Coordinator, Valerie Saylor, said," It’s really important to bring everybody together to talk about our expectations before they go out into their own classrooms and start working with the students."  

Welcome all new teachers. Have a great year!