BCSD Schools Prepare to Compete in State Robotics Championship

March 2, 2018 – Robotics teams from five BCSD schools gathered in the Chipman Junior High auditorium for practice runs with their robotics creations.  Each team will represent the District and their school at the upcoming VEX State Robotics Championship this Sunday, March 4th in Vallejo, CA.

Each team consists of 8-12 students that have dedicated up to eight hours a week of their time to fabricate, code and collaboratively work on their mobile robots.  Over the last seven months, during the Kern County Robotics League, these teams came together and ultimately prevailed as the county representatives.

Giselle Alaniz, 8th grader at Cato Middle School and Robotics Team member, said “We started with a few competitions and then faced other teams in the county and we won.”

The five schools represented are Emerson, Compton, Cato, Chipman and Downtown.  Winners of the state competition will earn a chance to go to the VEX Robotics World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky later this year.

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