Kindness Week Celebrated Throughout the District

January 31, 2018 – Schools throughout the Bakersfield City School District celebrated kindness on their campuses and in their communities by participating in a variety of activities, workshops and assemblies.  During the week of January 22-26, students and staff collaborated on projects such as writing letters to troops, games, and morning welcoming committees, all in an effort to promote kindness and unity.

At Casa Loma Elementary, students and staff enthusiastically welcomed parents and their children at the school entrance while holding encouraging signs with phrases like “Kindness Matters” and “Be A Friend ‘Til the End.”

Kristina Merrick, kindergarten teacher at Casa Loma said, “This week is really about getting kids involved and encouraging them to be kind at school and everywhere they go.  During the week there will be anti-bullying messages and activities for spreading kindness.”

On the final day, Casa Loma students gathered outside for a final assembly, and had the opportunity to hear encouraging words and stories from their teachers and some athletes from CSUB.

Washington Middle School celebrated Kindness Week with an Anti-Bullying theme. One morning while students and parents were arriving to start the day, they were greeted with music, and staff and students holding signs with encouraging phrases.  On another day, several students participated in a friendly game of musical chairs with the winners receiving La Rosa popsicles.

The Kindness Challenge was created to encourage a culture of kindness within schools and neighborhoods and to prevent bullying among students grades K-12.  It has become a worldwide event with over 10 million students from 15,000 schools in over 90 countries participating.  Plans have already been made for next year, with the dates being set for January 21-25, 2019.