BCSD Wants Students to be Competitive Across the Globe

January 19, 2018 – The Bakersfield City School District (BCSD) has launched a Leadership Academy in partnership with the National Institute for School Leadership (NISL). The objective is to train District Administrators and staff, as well as school Principals, to be strategic thinkers and to look at systems to approach the school District’s processes, structures and operations with the ultimate goal of helping students be competitive when they enter the job market.

Dr. Elfreda Massie with NISL is the lead facilitator for the year-long course. “The NISL is part of the National Center on Education and the Economy. They are the leaders in the United States on benchmarking the top performing countries in the world,” she said. “As we have examined these countries, we analyzed the systems that they have in place that we believe have value. Although we are not exactly like them, there are some similarities. We have looked at the key factors of the highest performing countries and we are training our leaders to think strategically about putting systems in place that we can replicate and improve.”

Dr. Massie recognizes there is an education challenge in our nation. The US ranks 35th out of 65 countries in terms of education. And the question is derived: How are we preparing our students for global work and competition?

Participants at the Leadership Academy will analyze the curriculum, instruction, assessments, strategic thinking for students, staff performance, how to involve families and the community in education, among other topics.

“This is exciting. It is a great international resource on how education systems run the world,” said Mark Luque, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services. “It is interesting to see how they have been developed and implemented and will be a benefit to us in the long run.”

Dr. Massie added, “I am very excited about the passion and the enthusiasm of each of the participants, as well as the Superintendent. What I find unique here is that the Principals are involved, and every office and every operation is represented. I am expecting a rich dialog.”