Wayside Student Winner of Nationwide Art Contest

August 28, 2018 – Third grade Wayside student, Jazmin Hernandez is the recipient of a national art award. Hernandez was invited by her teacher Ms. Washington, to participate in an art contest organized by The Links, Incorporated, one of the longest standing women's service organizations in the United States.

The theme of Jazmin’s art work is We Stand Together Against Bullying. “I used markers, crayons, cardboard and different types of paper available in my house,” she said. The painting depicts students united against bullying who are led by a superhero and defender named Black Panther.  

“We are so proud of Jazmin,” said Kathy Bell, chair of the arts facet for the Bakersfield Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. “This summer at our National Convention held at Indianapolis, Indiana, she was named a finalist for the Poster Art Contest in her category and therefore we presented her with a $1,000 check.”

Congratulations Jazmin!