Owens Intermediate Students Reach “Millionaire” Status in Battle of the Books

September 11, 2018 - Owens Intermediate fourth, fifth and sixth graders have a unique opportunity to participate in America’s Battle of the Books, a competitive reading program with goals and rewards aimed to motivate students to read more.  This year, two sixth grade students read more than a million words in 3 weeks or less, an incredible accomplishment to reach this early on in the school year.

Those “millionaires” are Serenity Zavala and Alliza Barrera, both students in Nicole Mailer’s sixth grade class at Owens Intermediate.  They have both participated in Battle of the Books in previous years, and this year they have diligently applied themselves to read even more books than they did before. 

Serenity Zavala, who so far has read 1,018,962 words, said, “Last year I read a million words, but this year I decided to start reading earlier.  My goal is to be top ten in AR (accelerated reading) points for the whole school.  I also want to be an author, so I through reading more books with help me.” 

Her classmate Alliza Barrera, who has read 1,112,176 words, said “I just really like to read and I want to be the person with the most AR points.  Last year I was second, but I think I have a chance this year.”  She also added, “I really love reading, and the competition part pushes me to work harder.”

Nicole Mailer, Serenity and Alliza’s teacher, said, “We read every day in class.  We have a bulletin board to keep track of each student’s points, and these two girls have already gone off the bulletin board with all of the points they earned!”

Both students show no signs of slowing down and everyone is interested to see how many words they will have accumulated by the end of the school year.  Congratulations Serenity and Alliza, and good luck to all the participating students!