BCSD Students Earn Artwork Awards at Kern County Fair

October 2, 2018 - Several BCSD students' artwork was on display and received recognition at this year's Kern County Fair Student Art competition. The following is a list of students who received awards for their artwork:


2nd Place:  Elvis Romero, BCSD Migrant Education Academy

1st Grade Category

2nd Place:  Delilah Velasco, William Penn Elementary School

3rd Grade Category

2nd Place:  Lexie Baker, Fletcher Elementary School

4th Grade Category

1st Place:  Alyssa Aldaco, College Heights Elementary School

5th Grade Category

1st Place:  Rachelle Baeza, Eissler Elementary School

2nd Place:  Kalia Morales, Owens Intermediate School

 6th Grade Category

1st Place:  Frida Resendez, Eissler Elementary School (2017-2018), now at Chipman Junior High School (2018-2019)

Congratulations to all the BCSD students who participated and won in this year's competition!