VAPA Hosts Annual Jr. High/Middle School Oral Language Festival

November 19, 2018 - Several students from Jr. High and Middle Schools throughout Bakersfield City School District competed in the annual Oral Language Festival hosted at the Education Center on Baker St.  They competed in several categories including Serious Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation and Voice Choir.

The winners will go on to compete in the Kern County Oral Language Festival January 26, 2019.

Congratulations to all participants and winners!

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The following is a list of all winners:

Serious Interpretation Solo

1st Place:  Giselle Barajas, Cato Middle School

2nd Place:  Seneca Corral, Stiern Middle School

3rd Place:  Jorja Baker, Downtown School

4th Place:  Lily Valladares Macias, Chipman Junior High School

Humorous Interpretation Solo

1st Place:  Alanna Rountree, Cato Middle School

2nd Place:  Ella Haverstock, Downtown School

3rd Place:  Israel Blaauw, Chipman Junior High School

Serious Interpretation Duo

1st Place:  Jocelyn Barrison and Tayler Wennihan, Cato Middle School

2nd Place:  Dominic Carrisalez and Lucy Thompson, Downtown School

3rd Place:  Mathew Pena and Ixta Sanchez-Acosta, Chipman Junior High School

Humorous Interpretation Duo

1st Place:  Breana Riggs and Paige Merickel, Cato Middle School

2nd Place:  Jenner Hutson and Sophia Resolme, Downtown School

3rd Place:  Clarianne Richetti and Natalie Shaffer, Chipman Junior High School

Verse Choir

1st Place:  Ava Orozco, Aliya Resendez, and Olivia Serrano, Cato Middle School

Best “Overall” Team School Award

Cato Middle School- Ms. Siegrin Heiss, Coach