Translation Services

The Communications Department is committed to making translation services as accessible as possible to the school sites and departments of our district. To help us achieve our mission, we ask you to choose the method below that suits your needs best.

  1. Use our online translation request form. This form is available from your Internet browser at any computer connected to the district’s network. When you submit the request, we will translate your document and send the translation to you via email.
  2. Translation requests may also be submitted by sending an email message to Please remember to include vital information such as the date when you need the translation completed, along with the department or school you’re from.


  1. Translation requests need to have department head, principal or designee approval before they are submitted.
  2. Requests not related to BCSD will be automatically returned.
  3. Copyrighted material will not be translated.
  4. Requests will be translated according to priority and the order they are received


Priority items (in order):

  1. Emergency notices to parents that involve danger or health hazard information for students.
  2. Items from the Board of Education.
  3. Superintendent level items.
  4. School-wide notices, announcements or newsletters.
  5. Special Education IEP reports. Psychological reports and similar evaluations will not be translated.
  6. Instructional materials (4 pages or less).