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BCSD Education Foundation Check Request – Use this form to be reimbursed or to have a check made directly to the vendor. This form is to be used with all BCSD Education Foundation grants or funds.

BCSD Education Foundation Check Request

Payments directly to vendors: Please note that the Education Foundation does not purchase items directly from vendors with credit cards. Please ensure that the vendor accepts checks and mail orders before submitting a check request to pay a vendor. The Education Foundation may reimburse purchases made by District employees using their personal credit cards with proper receipts.

Purchase of student food: All purchases for food intended for students must meet the District’s Student Wellness Food Guidelines. Please review the TAB published on January 7, 2016, to ensure your future purchases are in line with the guidelines. Please note that as per the TAB “In accordance with Federal and State regulations and BCSD Student Wellness Board Policy (BP600.3), food is not to be used as a reward or withheld as punishment.” Purchases for student food outside of the guidelines will not be approved for reimbursement.
Student Wellness Food Guideline Tab

Smart Snacks Product Calculator

Video Release Forms – Please share your success stories with us! Take pictures of the projects that are being used in your classrooms and e-mail them to us at hartl@bcsd.com.  Make sure that you send us either English Photo/Video Release Form or a Spanish Photo/Video Release Form. Click below to download the forms.

English Photo Release Form
Spanish Photo Release Form

Click here for Student Achievement, Mini, Reading Incentive, and Chess Grants.