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Purchasing, Warehouse, Duplicating
General assistance in ordering, bids, donated equipment and any concerns pertaining to the purchasing process. David West
(661) 631-4711
Purchases supplies, furniture & equipment, including computer systems & peripherals, 2-way Radios. Coordinates all Warehouse services Ernest Garcia Diaz
Assistant Director II
(661) 631-4718
General assistance, cellular devices, leased trailers, musical instrument repairs, and machine service maintenance requests. Gabriel A. Balderama
Administrative Secretary II
(661) 631-4712
Online purchasing training, online ordering for Stinson’s & Southwest School, Academic Supplier, Contracts, CDW, XIT Solutions, Consultants, All standing PO’s including Mitchell’s Blinds, Bakersfield Rubber Stamp, and Raymond’s Trophy. Cara Rodriguez
Buyer II
(661) 631-4714
Quoting/Ordering of equipment & musical instruments and handling product discrepancies, delivery damages, delivery status and back orders. Maintenance Agreements/Copy Counts. Conference registrations, Field Trips, Boy’s & Girls Club, and School Specialty
Melissa Hernandez
Buyer I
(661) 631-4716
General purchase orders including Office Depot, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Russo's, Scholastic, and Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Samantha Hall
Buyer I
(661) 631-4717
Walk-throughs, Smart & Final purchase orders, all standing invoices and receipts, cafeteria confirming purchase orders, and business card processing.
Jessica Baca
Purchasing Technician
(661) 631-4673
Walk-throughs  Kacie Salinas
Purchasing Technician
(661) 631-4715
Walk-throughs, MOT invoices, cafeteria template support, and cafeteria invoices.
Brett Osthimer
Purchasing Technician
(661) 631-4719
Duplicating Services Michael Frazier
Duplicating Supervisor
(661) 631-4730
Warehouse: regular delivery of store stock items, equipment, instructional materials, all district mail, and special deliveries Wayne Black
Senior Storekeeper
(661) 631-4726
Store Stock Supplies, Inventory & Credit Card Shopping.
Bertha Acosta
Buyer I
Mail Room Sandy Baker
Clerk V
(661) 631-4620
Education Center Custodial Services Manuel Gardea
Head Custodian