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Close Reading Resource Page

Definition and Purpose of a Close Read
A close read is a process used to enable students to access complex texts. This is done by reading the text several times and asking questions that draw the student back to the text. As part of a part of good reading instruction which includes modeled reading, shared reading, and independent reading at the students’ grade level, the purpose of a close read is to walk students through a text to show them the skills they need to access and comprehend difficult texts.

Choosing the Right Text for a Close Read
triangleThere are three considerations to take into account when choosing a text passage for a close read: quantitative measures, qualitative aspects, and reader and task. These aspects together determine the depth and complexity of various tasks.

Quantitative Resources
Qualitative Resources
Reader and Task Resources
Planning and Implementation of Close Read
A close read should contribute and have a specific purpose within a unit of study. Questions should be developed in a series that lead from a basic understanding of what the text says, to the structure of the text and how that contributes to the meaning, and finally end with inferences and deeper meanings that can be drawn from the text. When conducting a close read, questions should be displayed one at a time, and students should answer in collaborative groups.
Planning and Implementation Resources
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