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Independent Study Program

Reasons a student may need to be placed on ISP:

  • Family Emergency
  • Short Term Illness
  • Travel

Types of ISP:

  • Short Term ISP (20 days or less)
  • Long Term ISP (More than 20 days, as long as needed)
Home/Hospital Instruction
Home/Hospital Instruction (HHI) provides the opportunity for a student to continue his/her current educational program while under a temporary disability that makes attendance in regular day class or an alternative education program impossible or inadvisable.  A temporary disability does not include a disability for which a student has been identified as an individual with exceptional needs (i.e. student is receiving special education pursuant to Education Code 48206.3).  HHI is a service, not a school.  All students need to be enrolled in a Bakersfield City School District (B.C.S.D.) school to receive HHI.
For assistance with Home/Hospital Instruction, please contact Esmeralda Rolon Valencia at (661) 631-4627.