School Forms Related to ELs

Please refer to following forms and procedures regarding English learners and Reclassified Students.

New Enrollees



Initial Notification Letter

  • Schools are required to immediately provide parents this document when the HLS (Home Language Survey) indicates a language other than English was answered on any of the first three questions. This letter informs parents that their child’s English language proficiency will be assessed (within 30 calendar days of enrollment).

Language Assessment

  • The initial English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC) is locally scored by the school site. Official scores are to be placed immediately in the Student cum folder.

Program Placement and Options

  • Structured English Immersion (SEI)This program provides nearly all classroom instruction in English with curriculum and instruction designed for English learners. English learners receive sheltered English instruction to acquire the academic English they need to meet grade-level content standards and receive sequential daily English Language Development (ELD) (EC Section 306[c]).
  • Dual Immersion (DI)
    This program provides language learning and academic instruction for native English speakers and native Spanish speakers in English and Spanish and includes structured and sequential daily English Language Development (ELD) (EC Section 306[c]).

Reclassification Forms


Title III Sample Notification Letter

  • All local educational agencies (LEAs) that are recipients of Title III funds are required, pursuant to Section 3302, to notify annually the parents or guardians of each limited-English proficient (LEP) student enrolled in a language education program. The notification must take place (1) no later than 30 calendar days after the beginning of the school term or (2) for pupils who enroll mid-term, within two weeks of being placed in a program. Title III notification elements may be integrated with state-required parental notification procedures to reduce the number of communications sent to parents. Click here to view a sample notification letter that was mailed out on.