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District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

The goals and objectives of DELAC are to provide advice, assistance and advisory recommendations to the administration and the Board of Education for the continuing improvement of the general education of English-language learners.

DELAC informs parent representatives so they can take the information back to the school site.  Topics that will be addressed this year include: Understanding CELDT Data, Student Reclassification, ELD Requirements, Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs), and Categorical Program Monitoring.

All DELAC meetings are open to the public.  Meetings are held each month from 9:00am.-11:00am in the PDC located at the District Office, 1300 Baker St., 93305.  For more information on DELAC, please contact the ELL Services Department at 631-3221.



DELAC Meeting Dates 2019-20

                   DELAC Dates                                                                                                                            DELAC Dates Spa


DELAC Meeting Summaries 2018-2019


June 6, 2019*  Consolidated Application Review

October 9, 2019        Shared Items

November 7, 2018      Shared Items

December 19, 2018    Shared Items

January 16, 2019        Shared Items

February 6, 2019        Shared Items

March 6, 2019            Shared Items

April 3, 2019               Shared Items

May 15, 2019             Shared Items

DELAC Officers

Rosa Aguilera 

Vice Chairperson

 Martha Chocoteco 



Ana Luna 
Sergeant at Arms


Soledad Benavides
Officer Alternate