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Dual Immersion Program


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Program Description 

The Dual Immersion Program is a Challenging and rigorous academic program in which Spanish is used as the target language of instruction. The classroom population is half native Spanish Speaking. The program implements a 91/10 model in which TK/K students receive 90 percent of their instruction in Spanish and 10 in English.  


 Program Goals 

  • Bilingualism: All students learn a second language without compromising the first
  • Biliteracy: Learn to read, write and speak in two languages- English and Spanish
  • Multicultural Competence: Develop an appreciation for other cultures
  • Colleges and Career readiness- develop skills to problem solve and reason in two languages  



The program follows all District Adopted Curriculum and uses Spanish as the "vehicle" of instruction. Thematic units are also used to integrate the curriculum. Additonally, there are daily and annual activities that enrich the curriculum.


Students Will: 


  • Learn to read, write and speak in two languages- English and Spanish. 
  • Meet the State standards in all subject areas in both languages. 
  • Perform academically at or above grade level
  • Work collaboratively and think critically 
  • Develop an appreciation and understanding of other cultures and enhance their self-esteem


Curriculum Guided by Grade Level 


Dual Immersion Pathway Awards: 


These are given at the end of the instructional program 

  1. Elementary Pathway Award Pin 
  2. Middle/Junior High Pathway Award Medal 
  3. High School Pathway Award California State Seal of Biliteracy 

Sample of Instructional Day by Grade Level   


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                                                                            Currently accepting Spanish Speaking Kindergarten Students